May 18, 2022

Eagles Theatre Wins Indiana Landmarks 2022 Cook Cup Award – Best Restoration in the State

We are so honored to learn that our historic Eagles Theatre project with the Honeywell Foundation has won the Indiana Landmarks‘ 2022 Cook Cup for Outstanding Restoration.
The 5-story building has been a highly visible feature of downtown Wabash, Indiana since it was first constructed in 1906, but many of its spaces had fallen into disrepair in later decades. Our design team partnered with Honeywell after they acquired the building and re-imaged the facility to support the charity’s mission of providing opportunities for creativity, music education, visual arts, and more. Honeywell has been instrumental in efforts that have had substantial social and economic impact in communities all around Indiana. This project has created a new iconic presence for the Honeywell Foundation, with programs that energize the existing urban fabric, opportunities in arts and music education, and the town’s primary pedestrian experience.
With 32,000 SF, the Eagles Theatre is exploding with spaces of various functions and carefully crafted historic details on every floor. Each floor has been completely renovated and has a purpose.