December 5, 2017

Welcome Katie Werner!

We warmly introduce one of our newest architectural designers, Katie Werner! An Indiana native, she joins us from Baltimore, Maryland where she has spent the last several years working on civic architecture. To get to know Katie a little more, we have asked her to answer a few questions:

  • Hometown: Batesville Indiana.
  • Education/School: Ball State undergrad, Tulane Master’s of Architecture.
  • Hobbies: I’m a 90 year old woman at heart. Reading, quilting, doing crosswords.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift and terrible TV (The Bachelor).
  • Superhero power you wish you could have: Teleportation. I hate driving.
  • Mies or Corbusier: Neither. Kahn.
  • Favorite design or architecture project (just pick 1!): I always come back to Rafael Moneo’s National Museum of Roman Art. https://www.archdaily.com/625552/ad-classics-national-museum-of-roman-art-rafael-moneo

Please join us in welcoming Katie to the krM team!