Mike Montgomery: EDAC Certified

Mike Montgomery: EDAC Certified

Congratulations to Architect and krM Partner Mike Montgomery for gaining certification as an EDAC accredited professional. EDAC is a program administered by the Center For Health Design which is the leading organization centered around the design of healthcare facilities.


EDAC = Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification.


Most areas of healthcare services and medicines are developed from research and evidence. The Evidence Based Design (EBD) process for buildings extends that concept into the facilities that support the providers and patients in their work. A large and growing body of evidence attests to the fact that the physical environment impacts patient stress, patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness and quality of care provided in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Basing healthcare facility planning and design decisions on evidence to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes is what evidence-based design is all about. Many of our design processes have been guided by the EBD process and we intend to increasingly pursue this process.


Below is a link to the Center for Health Design, if you would like to learn more.