Hamilton Heights HS Media Center

Hamilton Heights HS Media Center

The vision of the Hamilton Heights School Corporation is that they will consistently be ranked in the top ten percent of Indiana school districts based on state benchmarks for achievement, and their students will be academically and socially prepared to successfully compete, perform, and adapt in the global market place. In 2013, krM completed a Comprehensive Facilities Plan which included several months of research, investigation and meetings with various stakeholder groups to answer the question of what is next for the Hamilton Heights School Corporation. The Media Center Addition and Renovation project was a result of this study.


Hamilton Heights High School empowers students to participate in a technologically challenging, global environment. The school community aspires to graduate healthy, responsible citizens who are life-long learners and creative, critical thinkers. Beyond aesthetic updates, the building needed to provide functional program areas to align with contemporary learning pedagogy. These include the development of collaboration areas within an expanded media center created by the enclosure of an existing, under-utilized courtyard area.



An area is provided for large-group instruction. Integrated technologies ensure that presenters can quickly utilize multiple modes and digital platforms. Light-weight and mobile furnishings ensure that the space can be reconfigured for multiple group sizes and instructional forms including both passive and active settings.



The Media Center provides the flexibility, diversity, adaptability, and collaboration for today and tomorrow’s learners. Creating options and variety with the furniture in the space can foster various tasks of learning, teamwork, and cooperation.



While the school does employ 1:1 devices, fixed computer stations are still utilized for teaching specific software platforms, as well as, testing.



Because the project included the in-fill of an existing exterior courtyard, several adjacent classrooms were impacted by the project. To address the concerns of these classrooms, a pre-vegetated modular roof system and cluster of pyramidal skylights were utilized.


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