Hamilton Heights HS Servery

Hamilton Heights HS Servery

To enable the staff to communicate the importance of healthy life choices and their impact on nutrition and student wellness. Changes to the kitchen side preparation and menu selections ensures efficiency of staff effort, reduction of waste and anticipates increased revenue.

A single entry point was created to direct students to tray storage and the fresh fruits and vegetables area. From that point, students can decide between two different ‘hot food’ serving areas. Signage is used to help students navigate the food choices to create a ‘complete meal’. Each of these lines is uniquely branded and has a two week menu rotation to provide variety of choice for students. Each of these serving lines has access to drink selections at the point of service station.

The students are provided with fresh and nutritional food items at the very start of their selection experience, when they are most likely to make those selections. The rotating menu at each serving line, coupled with a daily salad bar and grab-n-go area ensures that students can make lunch selections over a long period of time without having a repeated meal.