Hamilton Heights Middle School

The scope of Hamilton Heights Middle School shifts the current 3-5 grade levels to 5-8, over the course of a three-phased design and construction timeline. Through this transition, a new 63,000 square-foot building addition included a main gym, an auxiliary gym, locker rooms, athletic suites, STEM lab (with an indoor and outdoor classroom space), and music and band classrooms. Renovations to the existing 1970’s era, 100,600 square-foot school building included cafeteria, large group instructional spaces, special education classrooms, restrooms, and the administration areas. Brand new science areas were also designed to meet middle school needs like, science labs, engineering (STEM) labs, robotics classroom and more. The media center was completely re-envisioned to improve collaboration and include mixed media. 

Transitioning the building from elementary to middle school use also meant adding lockers which transformed many areas of the building. Overall improvements were also made throughout for technology, way-finding and associated branding/school-pride features, and safety. 

Finally, a large group instruction space in the school also includes “the dog pound,” which is a fun, positive reinforcement area for games and socialization that students are permitted to use based on good behavior. The “dog pound” was named in relation to the school mascot, “The Huskies.” 

Daylighting played an important role throughout the many improvements. Efforts were made to capitalize on natural daylighting in as many spaces as possible, including the new gymnasiums. In the daytime, expansive windows flood the athletic areas with natural light, and in the evening the glow from the activated building is clearly visible to those who drive by. 

  • Services                 Corporation-wide Grade Reconfiguration Study, Comprehensive Facility Plan, Programming, Renovation, Addition
  • Location                 Arcadia, Indiana
  • Size                           100,600 SF Renovation + 63,000 SF Addition