The overall concept for the Indianapolis Public Library’s Michigan Road Branch was a celebration of transitions. As the first new branch in 20 years, this project had the opportunity to showcase the future of library design. With a reduction in print materials the library has transitioned to a ‘Third Place’ that brings community together. The design process began with engaging the surrounding community with four public meetings and two teen outreach sessions. On opening day, over 1,300 patrons visited the Michigan Road Library Branch to celebrate a new connection to the northwest Indianapolis neighborhood community – a testament to the need for connection to community.


The design for the Michigan Road Library is targeted for a Silver certification for LEED v4 with 66 submitted points. The project used high efficiency HVAC systems, all LED lighting, many recycled materials, and other commonly practiced sustainable strategies. The following are some of the areas the project went above and beyond in sustainable design.



  • Interior millwork accents and custom tables made from site harvested trees
  • 90% of public space is naturally lit
  • 47% energy reduction below baseline code.
  • A unique, fully automated double skin, few of which have been implemented in the U.S. to control solar heat gain and glare. This façade design allows the primary street façade – which faces southwest to be made of glass. Instead of being very inefficient, it will assist the HVAC system during all seasons, reducing overall energy and controlling natural light. The system operates two glass walls, separated by 4’ with automated fins in the cavity, to control glare and solar heat gain. Depending on the season, dampers either move the warm air inside or push it outside.
  • Continuous R25 wall insulation through double stud construction for entire façade (other than glass areas).


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Programming, Architecture, Interior Design


Indianapolis, Indiana

Awards Earned

Indy Chamber Monumental Award - Architecture | Indy Chamber Monumental Award - Interior Design | 2019 AIA Indiana | 2019 AIA Indianapolis | 2019 IIDA Indiana