Markle Branch Library

The Markle Public Library Project has made a significant impact for a small community when the Huntington City-Township Public Library System invested in expanding their library services to the community in Markle, Indiana. The project was an opportunity to set an example of design while being sensitive to the surrounding neighborhood.

During design input meetings, the community expressed their desire to have a library that represents their identity. The design team addressed this by paying close attention to the scale and form of the surrounding buildings, using metal siding that would not only be budget conscious, but also mirror existing structures, and introduce wood that related to the timber industry – an industry that is a strong part of the town’s history. The design intentionally aimed to be constructed by local trades. A carpentry crew fabricated all timber and framing on site. Metal siding, turned and rotated, provided variation in what would otherwise be a plain facade.

The inclusion of natural light was important, not only for daylighting and the reading environment, but also to showcase the transparency of the library to the neighborhood. Respecting the context in these ways created opportunities to introduce a modern approach to the overall design that was open and inviting.

  • Services                 Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Design
  • Location                 Markle, Indiana
  • Size                           4,000 SF
  • Awards                   2017 AIA Indiana Design Award, New Construction | 2017 AIA Indianapolis Design Award, New Construction | 2017 IIDA Indiana IDEA Design Award 2017
  • Description           New Construction - Huntington City-Township Public Library