Serving as the new multi-modal hub for local and regional bus transit routes, the Anderson Transit Center creates a dynamic pedestrian experience, acting as a welcoming gateway into the downtown. The project uses timeless design principals but employs them with modern materials and details. In balance with both the material and scale of the surrounding downtown buildings, the Transit Center is constructed with large scale limestone paneling on the first floor and red clay terra cotta façade on the upper floors. The exposed steel components express the city’s deep roots in manufacturing, while the modern details set the tone for the city’s bright future of innovation. Taking cues from civic transit centers found in historic urban centers across the country, the interiors will offer tall volumes of well-day-lit space. The glass box entry is capped with an impressive cantilevering wood roof which identifies the project as a welcoming public facility and a place of civic pride, just as the clock tower of many historic transit stations did within their down towns.


The first-floor will include two retail spaces, including a cafe and restaurant. A flexible, class-A office space will be located on the second floor. Striving for LEED Gold, the center will utilize sun-shading techniques and maximize interior day-lighting to create a high-performance building.




Architecture, Interior Design


Anderson, Indiana