York Performance Hall

York Performance Hall

krM completed a master plan for a new quad combining building designs for the expansion of the Anderson University Music Department to include a new recital hall and support spaces.  The new York Performance Hall & Galleries provides additional visibility on a major thoroughfare of the campus and elevates the awareness of art, music, performance and education in one place. The talented musicians, students and faculty alike at Anderson University had a vision for a place that fostered collaboration and cross learning alongside professionals. Elevating the visibility of the University’s music department to the regional community was a primary goal; this 350 seat recital hall provides a place to showcase senior recitals during the day, and world class opera singers in the evening. The York family, avid art collectors, also felt passionate about providing space for art exhibition within the hall. As major donors to the project, the Yorks have elevated the visibility of the university’s music department while also securing a home for the most published picture of Christ in the world within the hall’s Sallman Gallery. 


The York Performance Hall and Galleries, designed to bring together art and music, University and community, also provides a magnet for students, performances, practice and shared learning.



May 6, 2016