December 4, 2019

Ribbon Cutting: Hamilton Heights Little Huskies Learning Center

The Little Huskies Learning Center is ready for students –and not a moment too soon. Hamilton Heights School Corporation has seen huge enrollment increase in their early childcare program, but the little ones won’t be the only students to benefit from the new space. The addition to this academic wing houses preschoolers during the day but is designed to be flexible enough to function for students of all ages in the before-and-after-school programs that will also reside here. The entire facility can transform, with central classroom areas opening to accommodate programs during the vacation months, or an open activity / play space environment when needed.


Our design team collaborated with Hamilton Heights administration and educators, in addition to observing the students, to utilize every bit of natural day light in the design. With exterior walls facing three out of the four cardinal directions, a trio of different glass types were implemented to address glare and maximize future utility savings.


The decision to prioritize day light and offer direct views of the woods and playgrounds, in addition to a neutral aesthetic, was driven in part by the Reggio Emilia Approach. This educational design philosophy integrates classroom space with the surrounding environment, the rest of the school, and the local community. Views of nature might simply seem like nice amenities, but the data shows that students thrive physically, psychologically, and socially when in closer relationship with the tactile environment. Coupled with increased security standards, this new space at Hamilton Heights is poised to have a measurable effect on student quality of life.



(Photo: Courtesy of Hamilton Heights School Corporation)